Reception and intracellul ar mechanisms of insulin action (part 2)


insulin receptors, insulin receptor substrates, insulin signaling pathways, insulin resistance

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Tronko, N., Kovzun, E., Pushkarev, V., Sokolova, L., & Pushkarev, V. (2018). Reception and intracellul ar mechanisms of insulin action (part 2). Endokrynologia, 23(4), 341-355.


The review analyzes the mechanisms involved in the reception and transduction of insulin signals in target cells. The structure of the receptor, the mechanism of its activation and the transduction of the hormone signal to the downstream cascades are described. The main signaling pathways involved in transduction, amplification and suppression of insulin signal are characterized. As illustrations, the most commonly used posters of Cellignal. com are used as the most complete and well-designed ones.
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